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mohaa status - Up in Smoke Public
[0/16] Freeze-Tag - Southern France
cod4 status - Uis HC S&D [Ranked]
[0/16] Search & Destroy - Ambush
cod4 status - Uis HC [OpenWarfare]
[0/16] Gun Game - Killhouse
cod4 status - Uis HC ATI Battle
[0/64] Search & Destroy - Strike

Clan Info

-:Matches played:-

2294 matches with
1 match every 2.91 days.

-:Uis began:-

18 years,
3 months,
12 days ago

-:Next meetup:-


-:Uis Founders:-

Snowee, Face & Dr. Box

-:Uis Clan Leaders:-

Noot & DizzyKipper

-:Uis War Arrangers:-


-:Uis:- Dog


Our Dog Bob